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NEWind® Specialty Winding Wire


The most common winding wire is magnet wire in either its single-end or stranded Litz form. Magnet wire coating, however is generally not sufficient for insulating between winding turns, separate windings and between the winding and ground as the magnet wire coating can easily be damaged. It is for this reason that additional interleaved insulation is needed.

NEWind® Specialty Winding Wire eliminates the need for this additional insulation by insulating conductors with thin layers of insulation extruded in single (Basic), double (Supplemental) or triple (Reinforced) layers. Basic NEWind® is recommended when a rating of 600 Vpk and the smallest possible diameter are required. Supplemental and Reinforced NEWind® are used where a more rugged product is required to withstand mechanical handling and maintain an electrical rating up to 1000 Vpk. These products are also approved under our NE-F1 Electrical Insulation System.

Multiple Insulation on Complex Bundles and Sincle Strand


  • UL 60950/IEC 60950 Annex U Approved
  • UL 1446 Electrical Insulation System: NE-F1 - Class F (155°C)
  • Single-End, Stranded and Litz Conductors
  • Supplementary and Reinforced Insulations


Temperature Rating 155°C 180°C 200°C
Layer Thickness Basic (Minimum) .0015" .002" .0016"
Total Thickness Supplementary (Minimum) .003" .004" .0032"
Total Thickness Reinforced (Minimum) .0045" .006" .005"