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NE-F1 Class F (155°C) Electrical Insulation System


Electrical insulation systems are invaluable to coil and transformer designers as they eliminate the need for long term component testing. Combining the regulatory approvals of NE-F1 with the capabilities and experience of New England Wire Technologies at producing high performance winding wire products allows us to provide unique solutions to meet design challenges associated with today's winding needs.

Electrical Insulation System, Magnet Wire, Ground and Interwinding Insulation, VarnishesNE-F1 Class F (155°C) Electrical Insulation System was developed as a solution to cost, size and time saving issues. Extensive research and component testing allow us to provide a complete range of materials that are ideal for transformer, motor and coil designs leading to higher efficiency, smaller, lower cost devices that can be brought to market without longterm testing delays.

NE-F1 features NEWindTM Specialty Winding Wires which are designed to eliminate the need for separate ground, interwinding and turn insulation. This results in a smaller device that per forms equivalent to, if not better than, the bulky and costlier larger devices.

NE-F1 also features a wide variety of bobbin materials, tapes, sleeving, potting compounds and varnishes. This diverse selection of material ensures that NE-F1 will be suitable for most Class F devices, thus reducing the need for multiple Electrical Insulation Systems.


UL recognized for Class F (155° C) applications:
  • OBJS2 File E231977
  • Component IEC 60085
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 0-M91, Appendix B
  • Approved for use in the construction of transformers, motors and coils.
  • Provides a large selection of major and minor component materials to support any application.