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Pioneering in Litz for H.F. magnetic windings

Litz wire conductors are beneficial for reducing A.C. losses in high frequency windings. The first consideration in any design regarding Litz wire is the operating frequency. The operating frequency not only influences the actual construction details of the copper magnet wire, but is also used to determine the individual strand size of the Litz wire construction.  All Litz constructions will exhibit some skin effect due to the limitations of stranding.  Higher frequency ranges require more strands of a finer gauge size than Litz wires of equal cross sectional area but composed of fewer and larger strands.

The enamels commonly used for insulating individual strands are Polyurethane and Polyurethane with a Nylon topcoat because of the low electrical losses and ease of solderability.  Other insulations can also be used. In many cases, Litz is insulated with an overall single or double wrap or serving, of a textile, but are also available unserved.

If the applications dictate special requirements for voltage breakdown or environmental protection, special film coatings on each individual strand are available as well as double and triple insulations overall to meet the requirements of UL and IEC 60950 and 60601.   
The benefits of using litz are:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Mitigation of skin and proximity effect
  • Minimum eddy current losses
  • Lowered operating temperatures
  • Reduced footprint of final product
  • Substantial weight reduction
  • Avoidance of "hot spots"

New England Wire Technologies is considered by many, the premier litz wire manufacturer in the industry.  In 1898, New England Wire Technologies became the first company in the United States to manufacture litz wire on a commercial basis.  Since then, we have designed and manufactured thousands of different constructions for use over the E.L.F. through H.F. frequency ranges.  Typical applications for litz conductors include high frequency inductors and transformers, inverters, communication equipment, ultrasonic equipment, sonar equipment, radio and television equipment as well as induction heating.

We have a wide range of magnet wire films, textile serves, tape wraps, and extruded insulations to meet these many needs.  Round, square or rectangular shapes are manufactured to meet your needs.  Rectangular aspect ratios up to 8 to 1 provide high power densities. Also available are Rutherford style cables including keystone shaped styles.

Our customer sales & engineering teams can help you evaluate how Litz wire constructions can help to meet your requirements.
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