NE-F1 Insulation System

NE-F1 Class F (155°C) Electrical Insulation System

Electrical Insulation Systems are invaluable to motor and transformer designers because they eliminate the need for long term component testing. New England Wire Technologies’ custom cable capabilities combined with the regulatory approvals of NE-F1 means we can provide you with high-performance winding wire solutions to meet the unique design challenges associated with today’s windings.

Product Details

UL recognized for Class F (155°) applications

  • OBJS2 File E231977
  • Component IEC 60085
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 0-M91, Appendix B

Approved for use in the construction of:

  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Coils

Provides a large selection of major and minor component materials to support any application.

Technical Information

Our NE-F1 Electrical Insulation System was developed as the solution to cost, size, and time-saving requests from our customers. Extensive research and component testing allows us to provide a complete range of materials that are ideal for transformer, motor, and coil designs. Consequently, coil manufacturers are given more freedom in their device designs because they are not limited to a narrow range of materials. This design freedom leads to high efficiency, smaller, lower-cost devices that can be brought to market without long-term testing delays.

NE-F1 features New England Wire Technologies’ NEWind® Specialty Winding Wire product line which is specifically designed to eliminate the need for separate ground, interwinding, and turn insulation resulting in a smaller device that performs equivalent to or better than a bulky and costlier larger device.

NE-F1 also includes a wide variety of bobbin materials, tapes, sleeving, potting compounds, and varnishes. This diverse selection of materials ensures that NE-F1 will be suitable for most Class F devices, thus reducing the need for multiple Electrical Insulation Systems.

To view our full NE-F1 table of offerings, click here.

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