Type 4 Litz Wire

Type 4 Litz wire is designed to be round in geometry and consists of bundles of Type 2 Litz wire twisted together around a central fiber core with optional outer insulation of textile yarn, tape, or extruded compounds.

In electrical/magnetic theory, the larger the outer diameter of the Litz, the larger the area that can carry current at KHz and MHz frequency. Type 4 Litz utilizes an inert fiber core to make the construction purposely larger. The core is typically made of jute fiber as it is readily available and cost effective, however other fibers and even tubing may be used depending on application.

Applications for Type 4 Litz Wire

  • Tuning Circuitry
  • High Power Radio Transmitters
  • Propagation of High Frequency Power
  • Litz Lead Wire

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